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Grower License Administration

Grower Licenses provide a pre-determined number of Adapt-N and N-Insight acres for use by an assigned grower, as opposed to utilizing acres shared across the entire account, which would be the case with pre-paid and pay-as-you-go acres.  

Billing Admin users can:

  • view currently available and currently assigned licenses
  • purchase additional Grower Licenses online
  • assign licenses to Grower Accounts
  • view field activations conducted by their users

Viewing Information on Available and Assigned Licenses, Purchasing Additional Licenses Online

From the Settings section, click Billing Detail:


In the Billing Rates section is a summary of all acre-based billing terms; click the green button below it to Manage Grower Licenses:


This screen shows currently Available Licenses, Growers who have already been assigned a License, and Growers Without Licenses.  The "Purchase additional licenses online" button lets Billing Admins add more licenses to their account in real-time; such licenses can immediately be assigned (you will be invoiced subsequently).


Additional details are displayed for Growers with Licenses, including how many acres remain available in the license.


Assigning Licenses to Grower Accounts

While a Grower Account is not assigned to a License, any field activations will be billed via the general billing terms on the account (pre-paid acres or pay-as-you-go acres).  Grower License assignments only impact subsequent field activations; therefore any activations prior to the assignment are billed to the account in general.  Once the allotted acres in a Grower License are depleted, subsequent field activations are billed to the account in general.

Billing Admins can assign Licenses to a Grower Account in one of three ways:

  • by visiting Settings --> Billing Detail --> Manage Grower Licenses page, as shown above, and clicking "Assign License" for any Grower Account
  • by visiting the Settings -> Grower and User List, and selecting Update Grower for any Grower Account
  • or, during the Field Activation confirmation process, a warning message will be displayed in cases when the Grower does not have a License, but licenses are available. Note that non-Billing Admin users will see a similar message, but will be directed to contact their Admin to have the license assigned.  In all cases, the user can continue activating the field under normal billing terms, if assigning a licensing is not desired.

Either way, clicking the link to Assign License takes the Admin user to the Edit Grower Page, where an available license can be selected from the dropdown at the bottom of the page:


Viewing Field Activations 

By visiting Settings --> Billing Detail, you can see a full log of all activations conducted within your account.  A method of "Grower License" means the associated acreage was deducted from the Grower License assigned to that Grower.  Other possible methods include Demo, Pre-Paid Acres, Pay as you Go acres.


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