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Using Soil Survey Data for Zone-Based and Grid-Based Fields

When the Sync with a Source option is selected for Soil Type or Slope layers on a Grid-Based field, Adapt-N's internal Soil Survey database is used to configure the field.  Specifically, each grid cell in the field will be automatically set with the appropriate values:

  • Soil Texture will be specified based on Adapt-N soil regions and databases
  • Drainage classification will be set
  • Adapt-N's default rooting depth will be set
  • The slope % will be set

In cases when the Soil Survey database lacks sufficient information for a part of a field, only then will the user-provided Default Values be used.

In all cases, the system will inform the user the percent of the field which was set automatically vs. by user-provided defaults.  

Users always have the option to upload a Shapefile to set these values, instead of using Adapt-N's databases.

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