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Observations for Crop Emergence, Soil Nitrate, and Soil pH Levels

User-provided field and zone observations enable Adapt-N to improve its calibration for certain model components by incorporating actual observations from the field.

Observations can be entered in one of several ways:

While working in the Configure Field interface, select from the Emergence Date, Soil Nitrate Test, or Soil pH panels


While on the Fields & Zones view, select Observations from the Field menu


Crop Emergence Date Observation

Adapt-N uses temperature data and accumulated growing degree days (GDDs) from planting to simulate growth of the crop.  Differences in seed varieties, soil conditions, and management practices can lead to some small discrepancies between Adapt-N’s estimated growth stage and one observed in the field.  Providing a Crop Emergence Observation Date enables Adapt-N to recalibrate its growth model as of the date the crop emerged from the ground.  The model then continues simulating the growth of the crop based on GDDs through all future vegetative stages.

Soil Nitrate Test Observation

Adapt-N’s Virtual PSNT provides simulated nitrate levels in the top 12” of the soil on a daily basis throughout the season.  Users who are sampling for nitrate levels in the field can enter those test results as an Observation into Adapt-N.  This resets the soil nitrate levels for the date of the test and Adapt-N’s simulations are subsequently adjusted. Please see this article for detailed information on the use of Soil Nitrate Test Observations and recommended sampling protocol.

Soil pH Value

Providing a pH observation from within the field allows Adapt-N to more accurately perform its modeling of nitrogen dynamics if the pH is outside the 6.0 to 6.5 range. If pH corrections, such as applying lime, were made subsequent to soil testing then either do not enter soil pH test results into Adapt-N or enter target pH values.


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