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General Crop and N Rules for Adapt-N


  • By default, the model simulation starts November 1 of the previous year
  • If a manure or N application is made before November 1 but after September 1 of the previous year, the simulation will start on the manure or N application date
  • Manure applied or sod terminated before September 1 of the previous year will be counted as a prior season application


  • If the previous crop was Sod, Grass Hay, Alfalfa, or Mixed Legume Hay, then the corresponding 'Termination Date,' 'Legume Percent' and 'Termination Method' must be defined for that forage-sod crop
  • A forage-sod termination date can be specified from the current or prior 2 seasons
  • If a sod date is specified for any time this season, then the previous crop has to be listed as sod


  • Manure applied later than September 1 of the prior year is considered part of the current season N management
  • Up to 3 manure applications can be specified for the current season
  • For applications before September 1 of the prior fall, you can only choose Incorporated or Left on Soil Surface as Incorporation Method; applications for the current season have more specific incorporation options available
  • If you edit an existing application, the date range is restricted to the calendar year in which the manure application was originally entered
  • Historical manure applications can be modeled going back 2 calendar years.  (For example, during the 2023 growing season, manure applications on or after January 1, 2021 will be modeled)


  • One starter application is allowed
  • Any number of non-starter applications are allowed
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