Your Settings

  • Password Change or Reset

    If you've lost or forgotten your password, click the "Reset Password" link on the Adapt-N login page.  This will guide you through the process of obtaining a new password.  If you need further assistance, please email

    To change your password:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left hand navigation panel
    • Under My Settings click on the Change my password link


  • Updating Your User Information

    To change user information such as name, email, phone number, and field activation rights:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
    • Under My Settings click on the Change my profile link
  • Nitrogen Alert Settings

    To change your individual alert preferences:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
    • Under My Settings click on the Change my profile link
    • Set your preferences (see below for explanations):



    • To turn Email Alerts and/or Text Message (SMS) alerts on, check the appropriate box under Alerts Enabled
    • Select at least one day to receive the email and/or Text alerts by checking the box next to the desired day(s)
    • The Alert Start Date and Alert End Date boxes control the first and last day in the season during which you would be eligible to receive alerts.  
    • When enabled, "Show detailed zone data" options cause the alert emails to list out each individual zone that crosses the N-Alert Threshold.  When not set, a summary of all zones in the field crossing the threshold is provided instead.  These options exist for Point and Zone-based fields only, as Grid-based fields are always sent as a field summary.

    Click the Update User button to save your settings

    Don't forget to add to your email safe list so your alerts don't end up in your spam folder.


    Alert Threshold

    The N-Alert Threshold controls which zones and fields will be included in alerts.  Only current day recommendations that meet or exceed the threshold will be sent. 

    Billing Admin users and Agronomist users who have permission to manage the Grower list can modify the N-Alert Threshold for Grower Accounts as follows:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
    • Under Admin Access click on User List, and then the Update link for the Grower Account you'd like to modify
    • Enter the number of lbs N/acre desired in the Nitrogen Alert Threshold field
    • Click the Update Grower button to save your settings

    Alerts will be delivered to users according to their alert schedule, when any zone in their account has a recommendation equal to or higher than the specified threshold.  To receive alerts regardless of current recommendation levels, set the Grower Account threshold to 0 (zero).

    Here is a sample email alert:


  • Integration Settings

    To manage settings for any integrations supported by Adapt-N:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel 
    • Under My Settings click on the integration you wish to manage


Admin Access

  • Resetting User Passwords and User Deactivation

    Resetting Passwords and Deactivating Users

    To reset a user's password, navigate to the User List and click "Change Password".  Enter a new password, and optionally indicate whether or not that user should be forced to change their own password upon their next login.

    To deactivate a user, click the "Deactivate User" button in the User List.  This causes the user to be logged out of Adapt-N.  Nitrogen Alerts will no longer be sent to that user.  They will not be able to login again unless reactivated by a Billing Admin.  

  • Creating Agronomist Users, Grower Accounts, and Grower User Logins

    Accounts for Agronomists

    Agronomist Users can be created by Billing Admins and can be given access to manage some or all of the Growers data within the organization. 

    To create an Agronomist User:

    • From the User List page, click on Add Agronomist
    • Enter the requested information on the Add User page (all fields are required)
    • Click Add User
    • Note that the user is not automatically notified about their credentials; they should be provided directly by the Billing Admin


    Accounts for Growers

    Grower Account is a place to hold information about a particular grower or producer, and will include all the Farms and Fields loaded into Adapt-N for that grower.

    User Login can optionally also be created and associate with a Grower Account, giving the Grower access to their own farm and field data.  A User can only be associated with one Grower Account, thereby protecting access.  Billing Admins in each organization can create and manage User Logins.

    User Logins for Growers can view and modify data associated with farms and fields within that Grower Account.  These users cannot, however, activate new fields, nor can they access or modify any information relating to billing information or other grower accounts.  Grower Users can also modify delivery preferences for Nitrogen Alerts, but they cannot modify the Nitrogen Alert threshold.

     To create a Grower Account:

    • Login to your Adapt-N account
    • On the Navigation Bar, click on Settings
    • On the Settings page, click on User List
    • On the User List page, click on Add Grower Account
    • Enter the requested information on the Add Grower page (name and zip are required) and click Add Grower

    If you also want to enable login access for that Grower Account, continue on and create a new User login: 

    • From the User List page, click on Add User next to any existing Grower Account
    • Enter the requested information on the Add User page (all fields are required)
    • Click Add User
    • Note that the user is not automatically notified about their credentials; they should be provided directly by the Billing Admin
  • Billing Summary

    For information on account usage, account properties, and billing details:

    • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
    • Under Admin Access click on the Billing Detail link
  • Grower License Administration

    Grower Licenses provide a pre-determined number of Adapt-N and N-Insight acres for use by an assigned grower, as opposed to utilizing acres shared across the entire account, which would be the case with pre-paid and pay-as-you-go acres.  

    Billing Admin users can:

    • view currently available and currently assigned licenses
    • purchase additional Grower Licenses online
    • assign licenses to Grower Accounts
    • view field activations conducted by their users

    Viewing Information on Available and Assigned Licenses, Purchasing Additional Licenses Online

    From the Settings section, click Billing Detail:


    In the Billing Rates section is a summary of all acre-based billing terms; click the green button below it to Manage Grower Licenses:


    This screen shows currently Available Licenses, Growers who have already been assigned a License, and Growers Without Licenses.  The "Purchase additional licenses online" button lets Billing Admins add more licenses to their account in real-time; such licenses can immediately be assigned (you will be invoiced subsequently).


    Additional details are displayed for Growers with Licenses, including how many acres remain available in the license.


    Assigning Licenses to Grower Accounts

    While a Grower Account is not assigned to a License, any field activations will be billed via the general billing terms on the account (pre-paid acres or pay-as-you-go acres).  Grower License assignments only impact subsequent field activations; therefore any activations prior to the assignment are billed to the account in general.  Once the allotted acres in a Grower License are depleted, subsequent field activations are billed to the account in general.

    Billing Admins can assign Licenses to a Grower Account in one of three ways:

    • by visiting Settings --> Billing Detail --> Manage Grower Licenses page, as shown above, and clicking "Assign License" for any Grower Account
    • by visiting the Settings -> Grower and User List, and selecting Update Grower for any Grower Account
    • or, during the Field Activation confirmation process, a warning message will be displayed in cases when the Grower does not have a License, but licenses are available. Note that non-Billing Admin users will see a similar message, but will be directed to contact their Admin to have the license assigned.  In all cases, the user can continue activating the field under normal billing terms, if assigning a licensing is not desired.

    Either way, clicking the link to Assign License takes the Admin user to the Edit Grower Page, where an available license can be selected from the dropdown at the bottom of the page:


    Viewing Field Activations 

    By visiting Settings --> Billing Detail, you can see a full log of all activations conducted within your account.  A method of "Grower License" means the associated acreage was deducted from the Grower License assigned to that Grower.  Other possible methods include Demo, Pre-Paid Acres, Pay as you Go acres.


  • Modifying Recommendation Parameters

    The assumed price of grain, cost of nitrogen, and pounds of nitrogen needed per bushel of expected yield can be modified to further tailor Adapt-N to a grower's specific market and growing conditions.  


    Crop and Nitrogen Prices

    Adapt-N uses a correction factor (Correct_profit) in the N rate calculations that accounts simultaneously for the relative prices of fertilizer and corn, and the higher relative risks associated with under-prediction versus over-prediction of the optimum nitrogen rate.  The downside risk is higher due to greater cost from yield loss than excess fertilizer application.  Since Adapt-N recommendations are more precise than conventional static recommendation systems, they are less sensitive to fluctuations in price ratios of fertilizer and crop because downside risks are reduced.


    Pounds of Nitrogen Needed per Bushel of Expected Yield

    Each zone's yield goal causes the "Expected N in crop at harvest" value to be set during the recommendation process.  This is essentially what Adapt-N uses as the end of year target for how much N needs to be in the crop.  Administrators can change the pounds of N needed per expected bushel of yield, to directly modify this value.


    Setting Recommendation Parameters

    Administrators have the ability to change the default values both Company-wide, and also at the individual Grower Account level.  In the absence of parameters being set at the Grower Account level or Company-wide level, Adapt-N system defaults will be used, which are updated from time to time.  Here is the logic as to which parameters get used:


    To modify these values:

    • Navigate to Settings
    • To set parameters Company-wide, click "Modify Recommendation Parameters"
    • To set parameters for a Grower Account, visit the User and Grower list, and click the icon next to the account name, or use the "update" and click "Modify Recommendation Parameters"
    • Set the appropriate values.  Notes:
      • the acceptable grain price is between 5 and 18 times the price of N per pound
      • the allowable range for pounds of N per expected bushel of yield is 0.9 to 1.2
      • the $/pound of Nitrogen is a generic value for a pound of nitrogen, not for a unit of product


    Viewing Results

    • When anything other than the Adapt-N system defaults are used for a recommendation, an additional line will be displayed showing those parameters.
    • The recommendation itself is automatically adjusted to take the modified parameters into account.
  • Managing Custom Fertilizers

    Billing Administrators have the ability to create custom fertilizer products for use when adding existing N applications and exporting Adapt-N nitrogen recommendations.  All users in an account will have access to such products.  To access the Custom Fertilizers page, click Settings -> Modify Fertilizer Products.

    To create a product for use in Adapt-N, the percentages of N, P, and K will need to be specified.  If the product is a liquid, its weight in pounds per gallon will also need to be provided. Additionally, the closest standard fertilizer product must be selected, so that Adapt-N can appropriately model the effects of that form of nitrogen when applied in the field.  Administrators can enable or disable custom fertilizers, which determines whether users in their account see the fertilizer on the Zone Nitrogen, Field Configuration, and Field Recommendation Export screens.

    If the new custom fertilizer represents a blend of more than one fertilizer product, it's important to properly calculate the blended percentages of N, P, and K, so the exported recommendation is properly converted.  Here are some examples:

    Example 1, Solid Fertilizer: 70% Urea and 30% AMS

    • Urea (46-0-0) at 70% = 32.2% Nitrogen
    • AMS (21-0-0-24) at 30% = 6.3% Nitrogen
    • The addition of the nitrogen components = 38.5% Nitrogen

    The specification of this blended product in Adapt-N would be:


    Example 2, Liquid Fertilizer: 50% Ammonium Thiosulfate and 50% UAN

    • Ammonium Thiosulfate (12-0-0-26) at 50% = 6% Nitrogen
    • UAN (32-0-0) at 50% = 16% Nitrogen
    • The addition of the nitrogen components = 22% Nitrogen

    Liquid products also require a specified weight per gallon.  For blended products, perform a similar calculation based on the individual product weights per gallon combined with their percentage blend in the overall custom fertilizer:

    • Ammonium Thiosulfate (11.01 pounds per gallon) at 50% = 5.505
    • UAN (11.08 pounds per gallon) at 50% = 5.54
    • The addition of the product weights = 11.045 pounds per gallon

    The specification of this blended product in Adapt-N would be:


    Customer fertilizers can then be enabled and disabled by the Billing Admin.  When enabled, the custom fertilizer will be visible to everyone in the Billing Admin's organization.



    Special Note for agX Platform Users

    When exporting a recommendation to agX, users must choose from a Custom Fertilizer which was imported from agX.  These are set up and managed using a Proagrica/SST Software product, such as Summit.