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Nitrogen Alert Settings

To change your individual alert preferences:

  • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Under My Settings click on the Change my profile link
  • Set your preferences (see below for explanations):



  • To turn Email Alerts and/or Text Message (SMS) alerts on, check the appropriate box under Alerts Enabled
  • Select at least one day to receive the email and/or Text alerts by checking the box next to the desired day(s)
  • The Alert Start Date and Alert End Date boxes control the first and last day in the season during which you would be eligible to receive alerts.  
  • When enabled, "Show detailed zone data" options cause the alert emails to list out each individual zone that crosses the N-Alert Threshold.  When not set, a summary of all zones in the field crossing the threshold is provided instead.  These options exist for Point and Zone-based fields only, as Grid-based fields are always sent as a field summary.

Click the Update User button to save your settings

Don't forget to add to your email safe list so your alerts don't end up in your spam folder.


Alert Threshold

The N-Alert Threshold controls which zones and fields will be included in alerts.  Only current day recommendations that meet or exceed the threshold will be sent. 

Billing Admin users and Agronomist users who have permission to manage the Grower list can modify the N-Alert Threshold for Grower Accounts as follows:

  • Click on the link for Settings in the left-hand navigation panel
  • Under Admin Access click on User List, and then the Update link for the Grower Account you'd like to modify
  • Enter the number of lbs N/acre desired in the Nitrogen Alert Threshold field
  • Click the Update Grower button to save your settings

Alerts will be delivered to users according to their alert schedule, when any zone in their account has a recommendation equal to or higher than the specified threshold.  To receive alerts regardless of current recommendation levels, set the Grower Account threshold to 0 (zero).

Here is a sample email alert:


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