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Expected Yield

Adapt-N is used as a predictive tool in the early growing season, and the expected yield should therefore be based on an achievable yield, not an average yield, based on the real-world field-specific situation. If seasonal growing conditions are good, we recommend to use the highest yield of the past five years.  When the growing season around sidedress time already shows suboptimal conditions (late planting, water stress, pest damage, etc.) adjust the yields downward as appropriate.  

Additionally, a planting date and maturity class will also be required with expected yield.  Maturities are available for Grain Corn, Silage Corn, Sweet Corn, and Popcorn.

A post-season evaluation of Adapt-N should not be based on the achieved final yield of that growing season, as this may have been impacted by late-season processes like drought, weed competition, hail, or pest pressure that are unrelated to crop N uptake and cannot be predicted at sidedress time. This would not be representative of the use of Adapt-N in a real-world scenario, where an N rate recommendation must be made in spring or early summer.

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