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Field Recommendation Export

Zone and Grid-based field recommendations can be exported as Shapefiles or in some cases back to source systems, such as the agX Platform.  From the Field Recommendation page, click Export Recommendation.

  • When multiple formats or destinations are available, an "Export Type" option will be displayed.  Otherwise, the export will be as a Shapefile.
  • Optionally specify one or more nitrogen products.  Selected products will be converted to the appropriate units in the recommendation.  Optionally choose a rounding option, which will round the product rate to the nearest rounding value.
  • Optionally, indicate a maximum application rate for a given nitrogen product, by selecting the "Cap Rate" option in the Percentage box.  You will then be given the opportunity to specify the product application rate (e.g. gallons/acre for a liquid product, pounds/acre for a non-liquid product) that should not be exceeded.  If you specify a "Remaining Nitrogen Product," that product will be utilized for parts of the field in which the Adapt-N N rec has exceeded the Cap Rate value specified for the Primary Nitrogen Product. 
  • Optionally modify the rates for the exported recommendation, either by modifying the entire recommendation (setting minimum/maximum or adjusting by percentage or fixed amount), or by manually adjusting individual rates.


Example 1


In the above example, the custom fertilizer called "Sidedress" will be applied but only up to a maximum application rate of 5 gallons/acre.  Parts of the field which are calling for more than the nitrogen supplied by that application rate will also include a product rate for the standard UAN 28% product, specified as the Remaining Nitrogen Product.  The downloaded shapefile will be named "". 


Example 2


In the above example:

  • UAN (28-0-0) was selected, with the product rate to be rounded to the nearest 5 gal/acre value
  • A minimum value of 30 pounds N per acre was set
  • The rate originally at 50 pounds N per acre was manually lowered to 30
  • The rates originally at 95 and 120 pounds N per acre were raised to 125 pounds N per acre

Below is the resulting Shapefile based on the above export parameters:

  • In the below example, a single zone is highlighted, for which the N rate is 125 lbs N per acre and the product rate is 40 gallons/acre.


  • Users have the ability to manage which columns they want to appear in exported shapefiles: Pounds of N (z100_0_0) and Product Rate (zN_P_K) To do this, simply click Adjust Shapefile Columns in the Optional Rate Modifications window and check the box of the columns you would like.
  • Whenever one or more products are selected, a pair of additional columns will be included for each product: z28_0_0 represents the UAN 28% rate, and uz28_0_0 represents the units for that product.

Example 3

If two N products are selected, and both product rates are of the same unit (e.g. gallons/acre), then the resulting shapefile will contain individual product rates, as well as a TotalProd column, which contains the combined rate of a pre-blended fertilizer:


Summary PDF

All Shapefile exports also include a Summary PDF in the resulting zip file, which indicates the total amount of product required to fulfill the recommendation as modified.

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