• Using Adapt-N with the Agrian software system

    Linking an Adapt-N account with the Agrian software system


    Agrian's software system provides users with a full suite of agronomic data management tools.  Your Adapt-N account can be connected with Agrian's software, enabling various data to automatically be populated in Adapt-N, streamlining the field configuration process.

    Overview Video

    Linking your Adapt-N account to your Agrian account


    Follow these steps:

    1. Login to Adapt-N at www.adapt-n.com, by clicking the Login link in the upper right.
    2. Click on Settings in the navigation bar, and select Agrian Settings.  
    3. Click the “Authenticate with Agrian” button.  You will then be prompted to authenticate using your Agrian credentials (the same information you use to login on Agrian's website). Complete the steps as prompted.

    Your Adapt-N account has now been granted access to data from your Agrian account.  The above steps are generally a one-time process for new Adapt-N accounts.  In the event that your authentication with Agrian expires, you may be prompted to re-authenticate.  Note that the linkage between an Adapt-N and Agrian account occurs at the user level, not at the grower, farm, or account level.

    Generating Adapt-N recommendations using Agrian source data

    Using Agrian data as a source for Adapt-N recommendation involves 3 broad steps:

    1. Importing the Agrian Grower into Adapt-N (this makes the Grower’s fields available to Adapt-N for selection in the next step).
    2. Importing individual Fields from that Grower into Adapt-N (this creates the Grower/Farm/Field relationship in Adapt-N and pulls in the field’s boundary and optionally zone geometries).  Single field and bulk import options are available.
    3. Configuring the fields and producing the Adapt-N nitrogen recommendation (this sets the necessary information for Adapt-N to run a recommendation, including tillage method, planting information, soil test results, etc.).  

    Detailed instructions on these steps

    Importing the Agrian Grower into Adapt-N

    To import a Grower from Agrian into Adapt-N, find the Grower in the list at the bottom of the page, select "Create as new grower," and press "Import".  This will cause the Grower's fields to become available on the "Fields" tab of the Agrian Sync page.  You may optionally import all Growers at once.


    Importing a Grower’s Fields into Adapt-N: one field at a time

    On the Fields tab of the Agrian Sync page, select a Grower whose field you wish to import.  Check the box for the appropriate field and click the Import Selected Field button at the bottom of the page.


    The field's boundaries will then be displayed, along with the Farm and Field name as found in Agrian.   Select an appropriate Field Mode and Automatic Zone Configuration Option and click submit.  If Management Zones have been created in Agrian, then an "Agrian Zones" option will also be displayed:


    If you select Agrian Zones, then a list of available management zones will be displayed.  You can optionally choose an attribute from those management zones to use for zone names in Adapt-N.  If this option isn't specified, zones in Adapt-N will be named "Zone 1", "Zone 2", etc.


    Importing a Grower’s Fields into Adapt-N: Bulk import option

    On the Bulk Import tab of the Agrian Sync page, select a Grower whose fields you wish to import. You may also select an option to display all Growers' fields.  Check the boxes for each field you wish to import, then fill out the form below.  Field Mode and Zone Creation option are required; all other values are optional. The values you select will apply to all fields during the import.  Note that field-specific Agrian zones cannot be utilized via the Bulk Import tool.



    Configuring the fields

    Once a field is imported, the Map View in Adapt-N displays a field link indicator, showing the source system for each field.  Click on "Configure Field" to access the Variable Rate field configuration page.  Or, use the Field and Zone menus to edit one or more zones details.



    Soil Organic Matter Sync

    Once a field is imported, Adapt-N automatically imports the most recent Soil Organic Matter test for the field (as long as that test is within the last 5 seasons).  You can also manually sync the most recent soil test, or import Soil Organic Matter data via shapefile or constant value, from the Configure Field tool: 



    Additional Information: 

    Currently, the Agrian integration supports the import of Growers, Farms, Fields, Field Boundaries, Management Zones, Soil Organic Matter, and pH test results into Adapt-N.  Additional features will be added down the road.