• Field Migrations

    Between growing seasons, Adapt-N field configurations need to be migrated to the next season.  This information can be migrated manually starting on September 1st.  If the user does not migrate fields manually, all fields will be migrated automatically on January 1st. 

    What this means:

    • Planting date will be set to the same date in the coming season as was set last season, which should be updated when the real planting date is known
    • Planting population values will be carried forward
    • Yield target values will be carried forward
    • Crop rotation will be carried forward
    • Soil information will be carried forward, including organic matter and pH values
    • Manure applications that are still valid for the current growing season will be carried forward.  For example, in the 2023 growing season, this includes manure applications from 2021-01-01 forward (see here for details)

    The following information will not be carried forward:

    • Nitrogen applications
    • Irrigation applications
    • Observation values for crop emergence and soil nitrate levels
    • Cover crop information

    Any information that was migrated to the next season can then be updated to reflect management practices for the next season.



    To migrate a field to the next growing season, simply click the Migrate to ____ Season button under the desired field in the Fields and Zones page.


    Once this action is complete, users will be able to begin configuring that field for the following season.  The previous season's configurations can be viewed by returning to the field configuration screen and selecting the previous season from the dropdown.