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Modifying Recommendation Parameters

The assumed price of grain, cost of nitrogen, and pounds of nitrogen needed per bushel of expected yield can be modified to further tailor Adapt-N to a grower's specific market and growing conditions.  


Crop and Nitrogen Prices

Adapt-N uses a correction factor (Correct_profit) in the N rate calculation that accounts simultaneously for the relative prices of fertilizer and corn, and the higher relative risks associated with under-prediction versus over-prediction of the optimum nitrogen rate.  The downside risk is higher due to greater cost from yield loss than excess fertilizer application.  Since Adapt-N recommendations are more precise than conventional static recommendation systems, they are less sensitive to fluctuations in price ratios of fertilizer and crop because downside risks are reduced.


Pounds of Nitrogen Needed per Bushel of Expected Yield

Each zone's yield goal causes the "Expected N in crop at harvest" value to be set during the recommendation process.  This is essentially what Adapt-N uses as the end of year target for how much N needs to be in the crop.  Administrators can change the pounds of N needed per expected bushel of yield, to directly modify this value.


Setting Recommendation Parameters

Administrators have the ability to change the default values both organization-wide and at the individual Grower Account level.  In the absence of parameters being set at the Grower Account level or Company-wide level, Adapt-N system defaults will be used, which are updated from time to time.  Here is the logic as to which parameters get used:


To modify these values:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • To set parameters Company-wide, click "Modify Recommendation Parameters"
  • To set parameters for a Grower Account, visit the User and Grower list, and click the icon next to the account name, or use the "update" and click "Modify Recommendation Parameters"
  • Set the appropriate values.  Notes:
    • the acceptable grain price is between 5 and 18 times the price of N per pound
    • the allowable range for pounds of N per expected bushel of yield is 0.6 to 1.4
    • the $/pound of Nitrogen is a generic value for a pound of nitrogen, not for a unit of product

Viewing Results

  • When anything other than the Adapt-N system defaults are used for a recommendation, an additional line will be displayed showing those parameters.
  • The recommendation itself is automatically adjusted to take the modified parameters into account.
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