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Managing Custom Fertilizers

Billing Administrators have the ability to create custom fertilizer products for use when adding existing N applications and exporting Adapt-N nitrogen recommendations.  All users in an account will have access to such products.  To access the Custom Fertilizers page, click Settings -> Modify Fertilizer Products.

To create a product for use in Adapt-N, the percentages of N, P, and K will need to be specified.  If the product is a liquid, its weight in pounds per gallon will also need to be provided. Additionally, the closest standard fertilizer product must be selected, so that Adapt-N can appropriately model the effects of that form of nitrogen when applied in the field.  Administrators can enable or disable custom fertilizers, which determines whether users in their account see the fertilizer on the Zone Nitrogen, Field Configuration, and Field Recommendation Export screens.

If the new custom fertilizer represents a blend of more than one fertilizer product, it's important to properly calculate the blended percentages of N, P, and K, so the exported recommendation is properly converted.  Here are some examples:

Example 1, Solid Fertilizer: 70% Urea and 30% AMS

  • Urea (46-0-0) at 70% = 32.2% Nitrogen
  • AMS (21-0-0-24) at 30% = 6.3% Nitrogen
  • The addition of the nitrogen components = 38.5% Nitrogen

The specification of this blended product in Adapt-N would be:


Example 2, Liquid Fertilizer: 50% Ammonium Thiosulfate and 50% UAN

  • Ammonium Thiosulfate (12-0-0-26) at 50% = 6% Nitrogen
  • UAN (32-0-0) at 50% = 16% Nitrogen
  • The addition of the nitrogen components = 22% Nitrogen

Liquid products also require a specified weight per gallon.  For blended products, perform a similar calculation based on the individual product weights per gallon combined with their percentage blend in the overall custom fertilizer:

  • Ammonium Thiosulfate (11.01 pounds per gallon) at 50% = 5.505
  • UAN (11.08 pounds per gallon) at 50% = 5.54
  • The addition of the product weights = 11.045 pounds per gallon

The specification of this blended product in Adapt-N would be:


Customer fertilizers can then be enabled and disabled by the Billing Admin.  When enabled, the custom fertilizer will be visible to everyone in the Billing Admin's organization.



Special Note for agX Platform Users

When exporting a recommendation to agX, users must choose from a Custom Fertilizer which was imported from agX.  These are set up and managed using a Proagrica/SST Software product, such as Summit.

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