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User Types

Each user with a login/password to Adapt-N fits into one of the following roles:

  • Billing Admin: the administrator of the Adapt-N account, with access to all functions within the account, including the ability to create and manage other users.
  • Agronomist: a user created by the Billing Admin, with access to create, configure, and activate fields on behalf of one or more Grower Accounts.  Agronomist users do not have access to create or manage other users nor can they access account billing information.  In certain cases, they can create and manage Grower Accounts (but not users).
  • Grower Login: a user created by the Billing Admin, with access to a single Grower Account only.  Grower Login users can have the ability to activate fields if granted that functionality.  They can see and manage data within their own account.  Note: by default, Grower Accounts (the first level listed in the Data Organization hierarchy above) do not have a Grower Login associated with them; these need to be explicitly added by the Billing Admin to grant the grower login access.
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