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Manure Applications

So that Adapt-N can account for additional sources of N (and how much of that N was taken up by the crop vs. lost), it's important to accurately enter each manure application into the system.  Historical manure applications can be entered for up to two calendar years in the past.  For example, valid manure applications for the 2023 growing season would be any applications made on or after January 1, 2021.

In addition to entering the information while configuring individual fields, manure applications can be entered across multiple fields by clicking the "Applications" icon from the left navigation bar, or selecting "Manure" using a zone's view menu option.

Enter each Manure application, specifying:

  • Ammonium N and Organic N
  • The date of the application
  • Incorporation Method (Incorporated/Injected immediately, within 2 days, within 5 days, or left on surface)
  • The rate of application (tons/acre or gallons/acre)
  • Percent solids
  • Manure Type

Manure applications can also be submitted by uploading a shapefile.


To delete existing manure applications or view them on the map, click View Past Applications



You can then click view on map, remove, or edit.


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