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N-Insight Setup

Creating N-Insight Reports

Select the "N-Insight" icon from the left navigation bar and click the + button to create a new field or select a grower and field from the dropdown to run N-Insight on a field that has already been created.  Once a field has been created or selected from the dropdown, some general information about the current management of the field will need to be provided.



Planting dates for the previous five growing season can also be entered under them map.



Once the information is entered, click the "Save & Run" button and the report will be processed.  When finished, click the "Report" link on the right to view the N-Insight report.



After clicking the "Report" link, the N-Insight report will be displayed and users will have the option to view the report as a PDF or enroll the field in Adapt-N by clicking the appropriate link.


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