• Live Field Activations

    When activating a field for live recommendations, there may be some cases when the user doesn't want a nitrogen recommendation for the entirety of the field.   For example, if only part of the field is planted to corn for the current season.  When performing the Live Activation, you can select which part(s) of the field you want to activate.  Accordingly, the recommendation will only include those parts of the field, and the account will only be billed for the acreage of the activated parts of the field.  

    To partially activate a field, use the map control to click on or draw over parts of the field desired for activation.  Notes:

    • Point-based fields cannot be partially activated.
    • Zone-based fields can be activated on a zone-by-zone basis.  Note that multi-polygon zones still need to be activated together (you cannot activate just one polygon within a multi-polygon zone).
    • Grid-based fields can be activated down to the individual grid cell level.  
    • The first time a field is Live Activated, the minimum billable field size will be enforced, if applicable.  

    Example of a partial field activation for a grid-based field (bright green section currently selected for activation):


    If the user wanted to subsequently activate the rest of the field, click Activate again. In this example, the rest of the field is selected (shown in bright green) for activation:



  • Training Mode

    The Fields & Zones page clearly indicates fields currently in Training Mode.  Such fields can subsequently be Activated into billable mode to run in-season recommendations:


    The actual recommendation for a field in Training Mode is available using prior-season weather data only.  Training Mode recommendations are not suitable for in-season purposes, as they do not use weather data from the current season.   In addition, users are not allowed to export data from Adapt-N fields in training mode.  

    Click the Activate Field link at any time to move the field into billable mode.


  • Important Notes

    Summary Explanation of Field Status

    When a field is created, it is in a non-billable state ready for configuration.  In order to run a recommendation, the field must be configured and activated.  There are two types of activations:

    1. Training Mode: allows for recommendations using a prior season's weather data. Training Mode field activations are not suitable for use in the field and are only for example and training purposes.  As such, alerts and exports are disabled.  There is no charge for Training Mode activations.
    2. Live Activation: enables the recommendation to be run using the current season's weather data.  This is for producing a "real" recommendation to be used this season.  With Live Activations, you can still choose to run an analysis using a prior year's weather data.

    A field can first be activated into Training Mode, and subsequently activated again for live recommendations.  


    User Permissions

    Billing Admins can control what types of activations each user can perform, by visiting Setup -> User and Grower List -> Updated Agronomist User.


    Users who have access to both Billable and Training Mode fields will be presented with an option as to which field mode they'd like, after clicking the Activate Field link:


    • A user's Field Activation Rights permission only controls what type of a field activations they may perform.  It does not restrict their ability to modify field configuration data or run recommendations for a field that may have been Activated into billable mode by another user.