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Changing Field Modes

Adapt-N has three field modes for the creation and management of zones, enabling flexible configuration based on different usage preferences.  When creating fields, you may select from any of the modes enabled for your account:



After a field has been created, you may optionally switch to another mode by viewing the Fields & Zones (map) page, clicking the Field menu, and selecting Change Field Mode:



The next screen presents the options for choosing a new field mode, and also lets you choose whether to delete the previous version of the field or not.  In this example, the existing field version is point-based and the user will change it to polygon-based:


Important note: this process keeps the existing field's boundaries intact.  Since the fundamental representation of the zones is changing, no data associated with old zones (such as yield goal, planting date, etc.) will be carried forward to the new zones.  This includes the zones themselves, which will need to be added via any of the supported methods available for new fields.

Once the user clicks Change Field, the new field is displayed in the Map View.  From here, create/manage zones and configure the field just as if it had recently been created.



If the existing field is Activated and it is marked for deletion during this process, the new field will automatically be Activated.  No additional acreage charges will occur.  If the existing field is Activated but it is not marked for deletion, it will remain Active and the new field will be Inactive.  The user will need to explicitly Activate the new field to create in-season recommendations.  If your intention was to replace the old field and deactivate it, but do not want to delete it permanently, please contact support for assistance.

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