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Creating Fields

Important note:

Users can create and manage other users in their Adapt-N account by clicking the Settings icon on the navigation bar and then clicking User and Grower List. In order to create a field, you must create a Grower Account for the field to reside.  Grower Accounts are automatically created when fields are imported through integrated software systems.  See this article for additional instructions.


Creating Fields

Select the “land” icon from the left navigation bar, then choose the appropriate Grower Account.  If no fields already exist within the Grower Account, the user will be taken directly to a page with field creation options.  If fields already exist, click the plus.png icon at the top of the Fields & Zones list to add an additional field. Alternatively, fields can be created using an external data source, such as agX, Agrian, or John Deere Operations Center which can be found in Adapt-N settings. Depending on the Adapt-N account’s settings, one or more of the following field creation options will be presented:

  • Drop a shapefile: drag onto the browser dropzone a zip file containing the .shp, .shx, and .dbf components of a field’s boundary shapefile.   See this article for detailed instructions.  Multi-field bulk import of fields via shapefile is now also supported.
  • Draw on Map
  • Sync with a source: if the user’s account is connected to an external data source, such as the agX Platform, an interface will load allowing the user to select one or more fields from the source system.  If the user’s account has not yet been connected to an external data source, the user will be prompted to establish the connection (if the Adapt-N account is enabled for such access).  See this article for detailed instructions.


Drawing Fields

To create a field by drawing it, click the land icon in the Navigation Bar. If no fields exist in your account, click anywhere in the "Draw on a map" circle:


If one or more fields already exists in your account, clicking the land icon will take you to your Farm View.  To add a new field from here, click the "+" icon in the upper right of the Fields and Zones list:


Once inside the drawing application:

  • center the map by entering an address, zip code, or GPS coordinates, and click "Center Map".  Or, grab and move the map to locate your area of interest.
  • zoom in to find the field of interest
  • select from existing boundaries or draw new boundaries to create a field

Selecting from Existing Boundaries

Adapt-N pre-populates the maps with likely boundaries of existing fields.  These are represented by a dark boundary outline.  When your mouse hovers within those boundaries, the field darkens, such as:


To select a field, simply click within the boundaries.  To select multiple boundaries to be treated as one field within Adapt-N, shift-click the additional desired field(s) (this functionality is not supported on touch devices).  You may adjust the boundaries of any selected field by using the hand icon to grab and move the white angle points.  For example:


You may also add custom drawn boundary components to selected existing boundaries by shift-clicking the polygon icon from the top of the page. (see Draw New Boundaries instructions in the next section)

Note: single clicking (without Shift) on the polygon drawing tool or single clicking on any existing boundary will clear all existing selections.

Draw New Boundaries

  • to begin drawing, click the polygon tool icon in the top center of the map
  • click and release the mouse to establish the first point in the field polygon
  • move the mouse to the next desired point in the polygon, click and release
  • continue this process to create a fully closed polygon
  • to complete the shape, double click, or click on the first point of the shape; the field will turn red indicating that it is ready for submission
  • you may optionally adjust any points by clicking the hand icon tool at the top of the page and grabbing and moving the white angle points


Once the desired boundaries have been specified, click "Submit Location" to complete save the field.

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